Sunday, February 22, 2015

Iced Tea, Sunshine, and LISS

Last Tuesday was a beautiful February day in Boise! It got up to a whopping 61 degrees. The inner Southern California girl in me cries thinking about how this is considered super warm. But hey, Boise will do that to you! This sunny weather called for some iced tea from Starbucks before class. After class, I hit the gym for a LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) session on the treadmill. I began LISS training four weeks ago after starting Kayla Itsine's 12 week Bikini Body Guide. I definitely underestimated how hard quickly walking for 45 minutes straight would be! I have learned to enjoy it though, as I feel really great afterward! Speaking of Kayla's guides, I start week 5 tomorrow. Which changes up the resistance workouts a little bit and increases my LISS sessions! I am both excited and nervous for this change- we'll see how it goes! For anyone interested in Kayla's guides, check her out on Instagram, @kayla_itsines. Her guides are incredible and the transformations of girls who follow the guides are even better. I highly recommend!