Thursday, March 12, 2015

Staying Fit While Away, and more

 Last week I flew to northern California to visit my sisters and nieces. I love getting to see them! I was worried I would skip out on my workouts, because it's easy to do while family is in town. I want to spend time with them, which doesn't always mean slipping out for half an hour to get a workout in. Luckily, my sisters love working out as well, one of my sisters even works out every day of the week! So I am happy to report that I stayed on top of staying fit!

While packing for my trip, I made sure all my workout essentials were packed first! What made my working out while on vacation successful, was making it a priority. I went to sleep knowing when I was going to work out the next day. If I knew my family and I had something planned at 10 AM, I made sure to get up early enough to get my workout in before that.

We took a trip into the city for a day, and I snapped this gorgeous picture of the bridge! San Fransisco is a big city, so my family and I did quite a bit of walking.

And I will leave you with this incredible picture of me sipping a mid-afternoon mimosa while at the Indian Casino in Rhonert Park!

Post BBG Workout

This picture is sooo not cute but I had to post it because it is literally my face after I get done with a workout from Kayla's bikini body guide! When my timer goes off after that last circuit, I fall to the floor and just lay there for a second! This is the absolute best part of the workout, because I can finally rest but I also can rest easy knowing that I gave the previous half hour my all!  And then of course I had my post workout protein shake, which is so delicious and filling!

BBG girls- how do you feel after your kayla workout? And how do you guys feel about protein shakes?

Wednesday Lunch

On Wednesdays I have a large break between classes, so my good friend and I grabbed lunch together at a local Mexican bar and grill in Boise's north end. It is like Chipotle but SO much better because it is fresh and local. Today I got a chicken and steak bowl with black beans and quinoa-brown rice. I love burrito bowls because they are very flavorful and pretty healthy for the most part.

After we lunch we felt like dessert, but not heavy ice cream or anything. There is a smoothie place close to my house and right next to campus, so we stopped there and got some small smoothies to go. My favorite is the bronco berry, filled with blueberries and other fruit.