Monday, May 2, 2016

I am changing my blog name! I wanted something simpler and something that included all of my current life craziness and delight. I have also decided to move my blog to wordpress, because I think it looks prettier and is much easier for me to manage. You can now find me at

New place, New friends, New life

Coast to coast!

Wow has this past year been crazy. So much has happened and so many plans have changed! The most exciting change of all is that Zack and I got married!! After finishing up school and getting my degree I decided to move down to San Antonio, TX for a few months while my husband finished some military schooling. We are now in North Carolina and loving every minute of it! While it has been tough to completely uproot my life and move to an entirely new place on the other side of the country, it has been a very positive experience so far.

My husband is away during the week so I've had to get used to being in our new apartment alone with little to do. I have learned how important a positive outlook and frame of mind are in situations like these. It would be so easy for me to mope around and be upset that I am away from all my friends and family in a new place that really wasn't my first choice. Instead I choose to be happy about our situation- I am in a new place that I probably never would have been to if it weren't for the military. My husband and I get to see different parts of the country and explore different environments, history, and culture. I am surrounded by different people (many of who don't know what Idaho is haha!) and I am able to gain perspective through all these experiences. While I often wish we could just forget the military and be back home where I know my way around and have plenty of family and friends around, I am thankful for our far-from-normal lifestyle and all the perspective it has to offer.

So while this blog has predominantly been about my vague journey into my twenties, I am excited for the new content that will come as a military wife on the move!