Thursday, March 12, 2015

Staying Fit While Away, and more

 Last week I flew to northern California to visit my sisters and nieces. I love getting to see them! I was worried I would skip out on my workouts, because it's easy to do while family is in town. I want to spend time with them, which doesn't always mean slipping out for half an hour to get a workout in. Luckily, my sisters love working out as well, one of my sisters even works out every day of the week! So I am happy to report that I stayed on top of staying fit!

While packing for my trip, I made sure all my workout essentials were packed first! What made my working out while on vacation successful, was making it a priority. I went to sleep knowing when I was going to work out the next day. If I knew my family and I had something planned at 10 AM, I made sure to get up early enough to get my workout in before that.

We took a trip into the city for a day, and I snapped this gorgeous picture of the bridge! San Fransisco is a big city, so my family and I did quite a bit of walking.

And I will leave you with this incredible picture of me sipping a mid-afternoon mimosa while at the Indian Casino in Rhonert Park!