Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday: Guns & Sunshine

Woohoo! Last Saturday was such a beautiful day here in Boise. Zack and I went shooting and had a blast (literally!) I have learned to love guns and really find them to be a lot of fun. sack recently went through a gun safety class a few weeks ago so he was able to teach me all of the ins and outs. I just loved it! It was so much fun and a great time to bond with my best friend! I shot this big badass gun and only missed a few times! I was quite proud of myself. I also shot a sweet 22 six shot revolver.

Hell yeah! I now want a gun (and a safety class) for my birthday. Which isn't until September... But hey it would make a nice gift! There is just something empowering about being able to properly shoot a gun. I have so much fun every time Zack takes me! Gettin down and dirty in the Boise boonies is very fun every once in awhile :)