Monday, April 7, 2014

Parmesan Zucchini Crisps


Dinner was a SUCCESS! Since living on my own, I have had my fair share of epic screwed up failures of meals that I have attempted. The one thing I have learned is that practice makes perfect! And also, your mom knows all the answers to your questions. I saw a recipe online for baked zucchini. Many of the ones out there require Panko bread crumbs, and well I didn't have any and I didn't really want to throw bread crumbs on a vegetable. I'm sure they would've tasted great but I'll save it for another time! I was going to bake these guys, but I decided that frying them would be easier since my oven was already occupied by chicken I was cooking. I got this adorable new cutting board and knife that I couldn't wait to try out too! Side note- this knife is awesome. It sliced right through this zucchini like nobody's business! Anyways, I sliced these guys up, dipped each one in some olive oil and then into some parmesan cheese. Threw them in a pan on the stove top, cooked on medium for a few minutes, flipped them and cooked them for a little longer! They turned into golden brown cheesy goodness. I failed to get a picture of the final outcome, probably because I threw all the food onto my plate and couldn't try it fast enough!