Monday, April 7, 2014

A Clean Face is A Happy Face


I have been meaning to clean my make  up brushes for a while now. I always read how you are supposed to deep clean them about once a week, and well, that just does not happen around here! However, I came across a disturbing article last night about how much bacteria is nestled between your most intimate little life savers we like to glide across our face every day. I had enough putting it off and decided to clean those babies right then and there! I am addicted to Lauren Conrad's website, so I took to her website for some advice. All it took was some warm water and shampoo and these guys feel and look brand new again! It feels good using them and knowing they are clean and bacteria free. I think my skin is thanking me too! If you're interested, here's how I did it!

What You'll Need:
  • Gentle shampoo
  • Small bowl
  • Small towel
  • Your sink & warm water

 Run your brush under warm water in your sink. Rub it gently with your finger to get off any residual make up. The key is to be gentle! You don't want to rub to hard and hurt your brush. Next, put some warm water and shampoo into your bowl. Swirl your brush around in the water/shampoo mixture. This part was pretty cool and also gross- I could not believe the make up that was coming out of the brushes! I repeated this step a few times until the water was close to clear. Lay your brush flat on your towel to dry! Easy as that. Happy cleaning!