Monday, April 7, 2014

Beautiful Saturday

The state I live in is so incredible! I was reminded of that this weekend when I took a weekend trip up north into Cascade. I stayed at my boyfriends cabin. We had such a blast playing cards, four wheeling, and hanging out at Brundage Ski Resort! The day began a little cloudy and snowy. But by mid day the sun was shining and it was warm! The thing I love most about Idaho is its trees. Even on the drive to and from Boise to Cascade is awesome. The hills, trees, and river is breath taking!

Amongst all the fun, Zack and I managed to get this cute little picture. We were sitting on the mountain watching the pond skimming competition going on. Believe it or not, he did win best smile when we were in high school. This photo just doesn't capture it quite right ;) Regardless he looks adorable in his ski gear! We had a great time, I didn't want the weekend to end!