Monday, March 3, 2014

Friday Morning Breakfast!

So a couple mornings ago I had a pretty delicious breakfast! My mom got me an egg sandwich toaster for Christmas. You read that right. A toaster that makes the perfect egg breakfast sandwich! It is amazing. I have discovered a love for egg whites. Yummy! And less fattening :) I normally like some sausage or turkey bacon on my breakfast sandwiches, but was fresh out! My oatmeal is Oatfit Cinnamon Roll Flavor. Let me just say this is the most delicious and nutritious oatmeal I have ever come across! I throw some chia seed in mine and it the perfect energy-packed, quick & easy breakfast for me before work or the gym. Have I mentioned my love of coffee? I scored a french press on Groupon last week for $3.99. It is great!