Monday, March 3, 2014

Blackberry Protein Smoothie

Today was one of those nights where I just needed something else to follow my salad for dinner! I had a pretty intense cycling session at the gym this afternoon, so my body needed a strong dinner to recover! I made a yummy salad, but was craving some protein and some fruit. I had some strawberries and blackberries left over from my grocery haul last week, so I decided to make a smoothie! For just being something I threw together, I was so shocked at how delicious this smoothie was. I haven't made a ton of smoothies in my twenty years, but this was hands-down the best one I've ever made!

I used:
-6 oz. of blackberries
-3 strawberries
-6 oz. blueberry greek yogurt
-1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
-A little less than 1 cup of V8 Berry Blend Juice
-1 cup of ice

I know 3 strawberries and "a little less than 1 cup" of V8 sounds weird, but my strawberries were old (ew) so I picked out the only 3 good strawberries left in the container. I also used the last of my V8 juice.